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Anna Casey's Place in the World

By Adrian Fogelin
Award-winning author Adrian Fogelin follows up her critically acclaimed novel CROSSING JORDAN with the story of a young girl's trials and triumphs as she tries to find a home. With warmth and humor, Fogelin has created a memorable character in Anna, who must deal with the loss of her family and adjust to living in a foster home. Feeling abandoned and alone, Anna turns to her closest companion, her explorer journal. With the help of a scrawny new friend named Eb, Anna discovers a sense of belonging...and her own place in the world.

"Anna has inner pluck and outer charm: she's been through a lot, but knows what needs to be done. Evocative descriptions bubble up from a deep reality...And places are found, if not the ones both kids thought they wanted."


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About the Paperback

Publisher Peachtree Jr
Publish date 10/01/2003
Pages 207
ISBN-13 9781561452958
Language English