Anti-Tracking: Hiding in the Shadows--An Illusion of Invisibility

By David Diaz
The most comprehensive how-to guide for readers who want to become untraceable. Anti-tracking techniques are key to today's sought-out and necessary skills for self-preservation in hostile environments. David Diaz, retired US Army Special Forces/Marines with three decades of tracking experience, demonstrates passive defensive techniques and tactics used to maintain a low profile in order to elude and, if need be, evade the opposition through deceptionin a range of natural and urban environments. His methods merge an ancient skill set with modern technology, allowing the practitioner to keep a low to non-existent profile that will allow him to avoid detection and, at the height of its performance instruction, empower him to avoid captivity or death.

Dave Diaz is the real deal--a true master of his craft..... He has combined over three decades of real-world tracking experience to create another remarkable book that is a definitive and vital source of knowledge. Here, in your hands, is one of the finest resources any tracker, novice or expert, will ever have. Scott Southard, Army Special Forces (Ret.), CEO, Peak Performance Consulting, LLC A gifted Tracker and a consummate story teller, his writings tell the compelling narrative of the driving necessity to rediscover the lost art of tracking, its inherent value to addressing the challenges that face society writ large and those directly affecting the United States today. Ms. Jimmie L. Collins, Senior Advisor US Pacific Command, Joint Interagency Coordination Group David Diaz s manual on anti-tracking is a good read for anyone in the business. It covers the subject from the basics to the advanced and should be part of any professional s library whether you are military or law enforcement, special operations forces, SWAT or wilderness rescue. But it is a great study for the beginner as well as the master. I wish I had this manual when I was just starting out in 1980. Henry Mac McDonnell, SEAL, Master Chief (Ret.)"


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