Attention All Passengers: The Airlines' Dangerous Descent-And How to Reclaim Our Skies

By William J Mc Gee

Award-winning journalist and leading consumer advocate William J. McGee offers a shocking, essential expose that reveals the real state of the "friendly skies."

From outsourced call centers in India to the Alabama location where all lost baggage ends up, William J. McGee crisscrossed the country and traveled around the globe immersing himself deep into the world of commercial airlines. And what he found was shocking.

McGee interviewed countless industry insiders pilots, TSA security screeners, FAA inspectors, legislators, the CEOs of the major carriers, and even Ralph Nader and Steven Slater, the disgruntled flight attendant who famously jettisoned a JetBlue flight. Here he reveals how airline executives are cutting costs in "a mad race to the bottom" by delegating flights to second-tier regional airlines and outsourcing critical aircraft maintenance and repairs to unlicensed "mechanics" in China, Singapore, Mexico, and El Salvador. And while the U.S. airlines have raked in tens of billions of dollars for checked baggage alone in recent years, our skies (and our airports) are not getting any safer. What's more, McGee explains how both political parties and all branches of the U.S. government have conspired to place corporate interests above the interests of consumers, workers, the nation's economy, and even the planet itself. Attention All Passengers will change the way you view the airline industry and make you think twice the next time you see the fasten seat belts sign.


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Attention All Passengers: The Airlines Dangerous Descent—And How to Reclaim Our Skies by William J. McGee, Harper, 368 pages, $26. 99, Hardcover, July 2012, ISBN 9780062088376 William McGee is an award-winning travel journalist who worked for seven years in the airline industry, is a FAA licensed aircraft dispatcher, served in the US Air Force Auxiliary, and was chosen in 2010 by the US secretary of transportation as the lone consumer advocate on the Future of Aviation Advisory Committee. Read more


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