Avoiding Stress Coloring Book: Inspirational Stress Free Life

By Adult Coloring Books
"Do you like doodling? Whether in pencil or colors, at $7.50 this book is a great value and something fresh to challenge your innate creativity. Coloring books for adults really isn't as silly a concept as many people might believe. Give yourself this inexpensive present and you may be surprised at the fun you will have. It worked for me ... and I still have dozens of pages to go." "I totally loved this coloring book, I like to draw and paint but I had been uninspired with no ideas about what to draw so this book helped me to continue doing art in other way; some designs are too detailed and small but is not a big problem. I travel all the time and have to wait long hours (restaurants/airport) by myself so this activity is a good way to enjoy your time while being alone. Also is great if you play your favorite music while coloring this book and there is plenty of space if you want to draw something to add your personal touch."


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Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish date 12/07/2015
Pages 58
ISBN-13 9781519440259
Language English