The Believer, Issue 112

By Vendela Vida (Editor), Heidi Julavits (Editor), Andrew Leland (Editor), Karolina Waclawiak (Editor)
The "Believer" s mission is to introduce readers to the best and most interesting work in the world of art, culture, and thoughtwhether that means literature, painting, wrestling, philosophy, or cookingin an attractive vehicle that s free from the bugbears of condescension, mustiness, and jargony obfuscation. Its content (including essays, interviews, comics, poetry, and reviews) offers fresh perspectives from editors Heidi Julavits, Vendela Vida, and Karolina Waclawiak. Each issue includes the popular columns Stuff I ve Been Reading, by Nick Hornby and What the Swedes Read (a look at Nobel Prize-winners), by Daniel Handler
The Summer Issue features new work by Nell Zink, Alvaro Enrigue, and Gary Greenberg; interviews with Robert Coover, Amber Tamblyn, and the New York Public Library s Paul Holdengraber; and new poetry by Rae Armantrout. Also in these pages, and among many other delights, you ll find a special section on the theme of wildlife, essays on the man after whom Jim Jones patterned himself and what it s like to be named after a sibling who died before you were born, examinations of the work of the artists Ray Johnson and Jimmy Robert, and the editors short lists for the eleventh annual Believer Book Award and the fifth annual Believer Poetry Award.
Table of Contents:
Pockets of ResistanceCatherine Foulkrod
How to Send Things to GermanyNell Zink
The Divine Inspiration of Jim JonesAdam Morris
Abstract Expressionism: a new poemAndrew Nurkin
The Confidence ManGary Greenberg
Shooting Possums from the Back Porch of Roger s Bar: a new poemMichael McGriff
What s in a Necronym?Jeannie Vanasco
A Common LanguageKristina Shevory
Descending NightElisabeth Donnelly
(Untitled)Mary Mann
Comics edited by Alvin Buenaventura
El Vocho: A Familiar SubjectAlvaro Enrigue
What the Swedes ReadDaniel Handler
The Eleventh Annual Believer Book Award: Short List
Robert Coover interviewed by Aaron Shulman
Canary: a new poemRae Armantrout
Schema: Top 100 US Drug Brand NamesShoshana Akabas
The Fifth Annual Believer Poetry Award: Short List
Paul Holdengraber interviewed by Lane Koivu
Jimmy Robert interviewed by Jude Stewart
Symposium: A discussion on (mostly) books as they relate to the theme of wildlife.
Tim Sheedy on the orangutan, Donna Kozloskie on the rising floodwaters, Megan Pugh on a poetic doomsday prophecy, Monica Westin on vegetal being, and Bijan Stephen on spillover.
Elizabeth LeCompte interviewed by Hillar Liitoja
Amber Tamblyn interviewed by Rachel Matlow
Charles Yu interviewed by Lev Grossman"

The "Believer.".. puts out a welcome mat for pluralism and wide-eyed curiosity... decidedly youthful, not only in their characteristic generational concernsthe habit of nonchalantly blending pop culture, literary esoterica and academic theory, for instance, or the unnerving ability to appear at once mocking and sincerebut also in the sense of bravado and grievance that ripples through their pages. "The New York Times" It s got people talking in the lofty reaches of the book world, andwith its high-low mix of literary and pop-culture commentary and McSweeney's pedigreeit's a magnet for younger readers. the "San Francisco Chronicle" Focusing on the art, not the business, of writing, "Believer" is smart, jaded and a bit self-indulgent, just like a good literary magazine should be. the "Chicago Tribune" Impassioned. the "Los Angeles Times" Without a doubt, this "Believer" is heaven-sent. "The Washington Post""


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