Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas

By Jeremy Gutsche
Out-innovate, outsmart and outmaneuver your competitors with tactics from the CEO of, Jeremy Gutsche.

In our world of chaos and change, what are you overlooking? If you knew the answer, you'd be a better innovator, better manager, and better investor.

This book will make you better by teaching you how to overcome neurological traps that block successful people, like you, from realizing your full potential. Then, it will make you faster by teaching you 6 patterns of opportunity: Convergence, Divergence, Cyclicality, Redirection, Reduction and Acceleration. Each pattern you'll learn is a repeatable shortcut that has created fortunes for ex-criminals, reclusive billionaires, disruptive CEOs and ordinary people who unexpectedly made it big.

In an unparalleled study of 250,000 ideas, Jeremy and his team have leveraged their 100,000,000 person audience to study what actually causes opportunity: data-driven research that was never before possible. The result is a series of frameworks battle-tested with several hundred brands, and top executives at some of the most successful companies in the world who rely on Jeremy to accelerate their hunt for ideas.

Better and Faster will help you learn to see patterns and clues wherever you look that will put you on the smarter, easier path to finding those breakthrough ideas, faster.


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