The Between Boyfriends Book: A Collection of Cautiously Hopeful Essays

By Cindy Chupack
Cindy Chupack takes a hilarious look at love, dating-and not dating-in this witty, truthful and utterly charming book. Tackling topics such as "sexual sorbet" (the first man you sleep with after a breakup), "the VISA defense" (the claim, usually invoked by men, that 'I paid, therefore I am innocent') and "eggsistential crisis" (a panic attack, common among women in their late thirties), "The Between Boyfriends Book" is as reassuring as that late-night post-date phone call to a best friend. It says: you may be single, but you are not alone.
"Oh, how I love this book! I laughed out loud again and again. It hits such an intimate and true chord, it's painful actually, how insightful Cindy Chupack is. Every woman who's been through the dating miasma must read it."
- Julia Sweeney
"Cindy Chupack is funny about single. Very funny. And smart. And sympathetic. And empathetic. And helpful. And the stories in this book are really horrible in a great way."
- Delia Ephron

.,."her book is more than funny: it''s brave and touching and deeply wise." -- Joyce Maynard, author of The Usual Rules


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Publisher St. Martin's Press
Publish date 05/01/2004
Pages 162
ISBN-13 9780312309046
Language English