A Bigger Prize: How We Can Do Better Than the Competition

By Margaret Heffernan
Co-winner of the 2015 Salon London Transmission Prize

Get into the best schools. Land your next big promotion. Dress for success. Run faster. Play tougher. Work harder. Keep score. And whatever you do--make sure you win.

Competition runs through every aspect of our lives today. From the cubicle to the race track, in business and love, religion and science, what matters now is to be the biggest, fastest, meanest, toughest, richest.

The upshot of all these contests? As Margaret Heffernan shows in this eye-opening book, competition regularly backfires, producing an explosion of cheating, corruption, inequality, and risk. The demolition derby of modern life has damaged our ability to work together.

But it doesn't have to be this way. CEOs, scientists, engineers, investors, and inventors around the world are pioneering better ways to create great products, build enduring businesses, and grow relationships. Their secret? Generosity. Trust. Time. Theater. From the cranberry bogs of Massachusetts to the classrooms of Singapore and Finland, from tiny start-ups to global engineering firms and beloved American organizations--like Ocean Spray, Eileen Fisher, Gore, and Boston Scientific--Heffernan discovers ways of living and working that foster creativity, spark innovation, reinforce our social fabric, and feel so much better than winning.


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A Bigger Prize: How We Can Do Better Than the Competition by Margaret Heffernan, Public Affairs, $27. 99, Hardcover, 391 pages, 9781610392914 In everything from sports to business, from educational achievement to ideas, our society encourages vigorous competition. In her new book, A Bigger Prize, Margaret Heffernen warns that there are some significant detriments that come with “our outsize veneration of competition. Read more


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