The Blitz Business

By D A Spruzen

The Blitz Business opens in London's East End on December 29, 1940, when the Blitz is at its worst. Jamie is almost 15, has mild retardation, and lives with his grandmother and cousin Roy as a virtual shut-in. He wanders away from home and soon finds himself in the midst of circumstances beyond his comprehension. He survives many harrowing predicaments, including one that tests his courage when someone he loves is in mortal danger. He feels hope and despair in turn as he struggles to make his way after a confusing evacuation to the Hampshire countryside.

In spite of a life of deprivation, Jamie learns and grows over the next year, endearing himself to just about everyone he meets, some of whom will fight for his right to lead a normal life. But the authorities have their own ideas about his proper place, and his past is still not entirely behind him. When a German spy's mission intrudes, things get out of hand. His life careens between catastrophe and hope as Jamie fights to make the best of situations he cannot control.

"The Blitz Business is a tale of resilience during World War II through the eyes of Jamie, a teenager with intellectual disabilities. D.A. Spruzen's narrative will make readers rethink their perceptions of the challenges facing people with such challenges, a bold and progressive perspective even in today's modern world." -Betsy Schatz, Executive Director, Langley Residential Support Services, a residential and community support provider for adults with intellectual disabilities "The Blitz Business is a fine book, with characters you come to care about and root for; Jamie, the 15 year old main character is memorable and well drawn-an unconventional lead in a story of not only survival but redemption. This historical novel is a winner." -Robert Bausch, Author of Far as the Eye Can See and The Legend of Jesse Smoke "The Blitz Business is an extremely ambitious novel, about big issues and big events, with a large and compelling cast of characters and a complexity that evolves to a wonderfully satisfying resolution. This is an outstanding debut that gives us a whole new angle on the last great war while offering richly imagined characters who are real from the first page to the last." -Fred Leebron, Author of Christiania and In the Middle of All This "Deeply moving and endlessly surprising, The Blitz Business brings heart and unexpected light to the darkest corners of war-torn London. In Spruzen's capable hands, a vulnerable young man's search for a forever home becomes an irresistible journey filled with indelible characters and real danger. A novel of striking wisdom limned with a gritty historical edge." -Laura Benedict, Author of the Bliss House trilogy"


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