Blobby Boys 2

By Alex Schubert

The Blobby Boys are back and they've got acid tongues and acid on their tongues. The salacious and slimy Saturday Morning castoffs haven't lost an iota of edge. In fact, the only thing sharper than the comedy in this book just might be the boys' switchblades.

Alex Schubert was born in Mascoutah, Illinois, and is based in Los Angeles, California, where he works in illustration and animation. In 2014, the first collection of Blobby Boys was awarded a Silver Medal in the Long Form and Comic Strip category of The Society of Illustrators first Comic and Cartoon Art Annual.

Drawn not a whit more complexly than Ernie Bushmiller s "Nancy," though with more angles than curves, as well as in even, solid colors, they re pretty amusing, particularly for fans of punk humor. Ray Olson, "Booklist Online" Alex Schubert's collection of bold, bizarre comics is short, sharp and shocking not unlike a quick stabbing. Jake Austen, "Chicago Tribune" The Blobby world could pass off as a sterile, sun-bleached magnet set, but hiding around each sharp corner is something purely rude and wholly entertaining. Zack Kotzer, "Newsarama" "Everything about this comic is appealingly minimal the sparse panels, block coloring, limited narration and dialogue and it all works together well. Schubert s economy makes the gags about surfing robots and cunning art critics that much better because he never forces the words and art to do more than they need to: the deadpan laffs come naturally. Ken Parille, "The Comics Journal" "There s an almost "Axe Cop"-like, written-by-a-child feel to the story, only with some adult cynicism mixed in. Schubert s bold, machine-precise image-making, in which every character and object looks like something that could be a logo for something, is hard to describe, but easy to appreciate." J. Caleb Mozzocco, "Comic Book Resources""


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ISBN: 9781927668207

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Publisher Koyama Press - Koyama Press
Publish date 05/12/2015
Pages 52
ISBN-13 9781927668207
ISBN-10 1927668204
Language English

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