Born to Be Wild: Why Teens Take Risks, and How We Can Help Keep Them Safe

By Jess Shatkin
A groundbreaking, research-based guide that sheds new light on why young people make dangerous choices--and offers solutions that work

Texting while driving. Binge-drinking. Bullying. Unprotected sex. There are plenty of reasons for parents to worry about getting a late-night call about their teen. But most of the advice parents and educators hear about teens is outdated and unscientific--and simply doesn't work.

Acclaimed adolescent psychiatrist and educator Jess Shatkin brings more than two decades' worth of research and clinical experience to the subject, along with cutting-edge findings from brain science, evolutionary psychology, game theory, and other disciplines -- plus a widely curious mind and the perspective of a concerned dad himself.

Using science and stories, fresh analogies, clinical anecdotes, and research-based observations, Shatkin explains:

* Why "scared straight," adult logic, and draconian punishment don't work

* Why the teen brain is "born to be wild"--shaped by evolution to explore and take risks

* The surprising role of brain development, hormones, peer pressure, screen time, and other key factors

* What parents and teachers can do--in everyday interactions, teachable moments, and specially chosen activities and outings--to work with teens' need for risk, rewards and social acceptance, not against it.

"Presents new research, as well as insights as a clinician and a father....This book is a clear argument to stop putting ourselves in our children's shoes, and to try putting ourselves in their minds, instead."
-The Washington Post

"With stories (personal and professional), neuroscience and cognition, psychology and clinical experience Dr. Shatkin offers an abundance of understandable, engaging and actionable information. He explains why and shows how. We can reduce risk in the adolescents we love and teach, but only if we know to how to do so and then do it. Born To Be Wild shows us the way to succeed."
--Psychology Today

Winner, National Parenting Product Award 2017

"From the opening paragraph, it's crystal clear that you're embarking on a fascinating ride helmed by a masterful storyteller and highly insightful expert in adolescent development, who is also a dad. Dr. Shatkin's advice is evidence-based, no nonsense and doable. After reading this book, you will not only understand teens - you will also understand a lot more about yourself and how to be a better parent. Born to Be Wild should be in the hands of every parent. It will not only help you raise resilient teens but also save lives."

--Michele Borba Ed.D., Educational Psychologist and author of UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World

"Face facts, says Dr. Jess Shatkin: Kids take risks even though they know it is risky! They do so because their brains are wired that way--an evolutionary mandate, as he so wonderfully describes. But the battle with youth is not lost if you know what to do and say. This smart, engaging book by a great child psychiatrist and educator will show you how. --Lloyd I. Sederer, MD, Chief Medical Officer, New York State Office of Mental Health

"This book is brilliantly written, incredibly informative, and presented in a comfortable down-to-earth manner. It is definitely going to be my new go-to referral reading for parents, educators, and therapists who will better understand why kids do the darndest things."

--Dr Laura Schlessinger, Marriage and Family Therapist, SiriusXM Radio host


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