Rethinking Prestige Branding: Secrets of the Ueber-Brands

By Wolfgang Schaefer, J P Kuehlwein
Premium and luxury brands have been thriving despite years of economic crisis. They have become the envy of many mass marketers and the darling of every consumer with disposable income between New York and Shanghai. Prestige Branding dissects and unfolds the state of advanced premium consumerism that we all experience every day, globally. It takes us on a colorful journey behind the scenes of today's marketing pros and lets us glimpse at our own psychological and behavioral make-ups. Telling -- and letting us experience first-hand -- the unique story of today's prestige world. This book will fascinate the marketing professional just as much as those who are simply curious how premium brands tick. Understanding how to upgrade brands and trade brands up is a key strategic question to most branded good sellers today as they face the "squeeze in the middle," a polarization to high-end/lifestyle or commoditized retailer brands.


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Publisher Kogan Page
Publish date 03/05/2015
Pages 272
ISBN-13 9780749470036
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