Brand Premium: How Smart Brands Make More Money (2014)

By N Hollis
Why do consumers pay a premium price for a brand? Is it better quality, the look and feel, or is it the brand's social standing? Author Nigel Hollis believes the answer to all those questions is "yes." Yet the vast majority of brands today trade on past equity and transient buzz. And marketers focus on plan execution rather than creating meaningful differentiation rooted in the brand experience. This lack of meaning is creating a market full of commodities rather than products that instill loyalty. But loyalty (i.e., repeat business) is the key to long term success, and that requires focusing on meaningful differentiation: functional, emotional, or societal. Here, brand expert Nigel Hollis focuses on the four components of a meaningfully different brand: purpose, delivery, resonance, and difference.This unique model will be applied to two very different brand models: premium priced and value priced. The models will show readers how to amplify what their brand stands for across all the brand touch points including: findability, affordability, credibility, vitality, and extendibility. The book will include cases of global brands such as Dyson, Johnnie Walker, Geico, Volkswagen, and more.

"With "Brand Premium," Nigel Hollis applies his perceptive skills to one of the most important marketing problems around - how brands make money! Practical, insightful, and grounded in the success factors for today and tomorrow, Brand Premium will help marketers and analysts understand how brands can thrive and succeed financially." - Kevin Lane Keller, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College, USA "The greatest compliment I can pay this invaluable book is to say that it will be most appreciated by those who already understand and apply much of it. The most experienced and most successful marketing people will find themselves first nodding in recognition and agreement; and then delighting in the newer insights and extensions that Nigel Hollis presents them with." - Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP "What really builds brand loyalty? Why will consumers pay premium price for some brands over others? From his unique vantage point atop Millward Brown's huge data base and his over 30 years of experience working with brands across multiple categories, Nigel Hollis has the insight and expertise to show readers what it takes for a brand to break out of commodity modeand achieve long-term success." - Allen Adamson, Managing Director, Landor Associates "There's more insight in most chapters of this book than bookshelves of other books about branding. I would urge anybody interested in the latest and best thinking about brands to read this immediately." - Mark Murray, Global Consumer Planning Director, Diageo "Nigel Hollis is both a wonderful storyteller and a convincing scientist. He shows us through engaging stories - and hard data - that the best way to profitability is through building great brands. More importantly, he shows us HOW to do it. This is a must-read for everyone in business, not just marketing and research leaders." - Jim Stengel, President/CEO, The Jim Stengel Company, LLC, and Former Global Marketing Officer, The Procter and Gamble Company "My pen literally ran out of ink underlining all of the important and relevant bits in this book. If this book doesn't make you stop and take stock of how you manage your brand, you might want to consider a new career!" - Mark Truss, Global Director of Brand Intelligence, JWT


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