Building Resiliency: How to Thrive in Times of Change

By For Creative Leadership Center, Lastcenter for Creative Leadership, Center for Creative Leadership, Mary Lynn Pulley, Michael Wakefield
It is sometimes hard to accept change - particularly when it is delivered as a hardship, disappointment, or rejection. But by developing resiliency managers can not only accept change, but learn, grow, and thrive in it. This guidebook defines resiliency, explains why it's important, and describes how you can develop your own store of resiliency. It focuses on nine developmental components that, taken together, create a sense of resiliency and increase your ability to handle the unknown and to view change - whether from disappointment or success - as an opportunity for development.


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Publisher Pfeiffer & Company
Publish date 08/31/2011
Pages 32
ISBN-13 9781882197675
ISBN-10 1882197674
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