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Bush Blues: The Adventures of Alaska's Police Chief Snow

By Sheldon Schmitt

"Bush Blues marks the debut of an Alaskan crime solver as true and flawed as the state itself."--Tom Begich, Alaska Senator

Police Chief Brady Snow solves two and four-legged crimes in the bush of wild Alaska. Grizzly bear attacks, small plane crashes and violent crimes all come under his jurisdiction. He works with larger-than-life, hard-drinking bush pilots, local villagers Frank N Beans and Stanley Beans, as well as other rich characters, such as Trooper Dick and Mayor Moses. Bush Blues is a realistic, stark, and funny look at the life of a police officer on the edge of civilization and the unique existence of people living off the grid in rugged Alaska.


"Bush Blues marks the debut of an Alaskan crime solver as true and flawed as the state itself." --Tom Begich, Alaska Senator

"Schmitt has put his thirty years of law enforcement experience and his big heart for the people he served to good use in this novel. Bush Blues is a terrific read." --John Straley, Shamus winner and author of Baby's First Felony


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Publisher Koehler Books
Publish date 08/07/2018
Pages 178
ISBN-13 9781633936393
ISBN-10 1633936392
Language English

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