Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work

By Jacqueline Whitmore

Have you forgotten a person's name two minutes after being introduced? Have you wondered which fork to use or how to discreetly pay the check while attending an important business dinner? Have you insulted an international client by mistake and didn't realize it until it was too late? Making these types of errors can get in the way of getting ahead. However, these faux pas can be avoided by exercising a little bit of business etiquette.
Business etiquette is a powerful, practical, and profitable skill you can use when it most counts to get a job, keep a job, or succeed on the job. It is a set of rules and guidelines that makes your professional relationships more harmonious, productive, manageable, and meaningful.
International etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore provides tips, tactics, and cautionary tales gleaned from the experience of a multitude of successful CEOs and top managers as well as information on how to:
. Be more polished and professional in the boardroom or at the dining table
. Master the art of mingling, networking, and remembering names
. Communicate effectively via technology
. Keep in touch, nurture professional relationships, and turn contacts into contracts
. Write effective thank-you notes and send the perfect business gift every time
. Be more "global-minded" and enhance international relationships
"Business Class" will teach you the nuances of treating colleagues, clients, and customers with courtesy and respect, which in turn will increase your visibility, credibility, and profitability."

""A much-needed primer for professionals in today's business environment because whether you realize it or not, good mannersand proper protocol can make or break a promising business relationship.""""--Tony Alessandra, Ph.D., co-author of "The Platinum Rule" "How you treat others and how you conduct yourself are not casual imperatives. They are important, and if you agree, then this engagingly written book ought to entice you to its pages." --Jack Valenti, former president of the Motion Picture Association of America


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