The Business of Changing Lives: How One Company Took the Information Superhighway to the Inner City

By Allan Weis, Valerie Andrews
With personal and funny anecdotes set in computer labs, congressional hearings, and corporate competitors' offices, Weis describes the unusual business models that enabled ANS to create the backbone of the Internet. Indicative of Weis's dual approach to business, he offers inspiring case studies and heartwarming stories of visionaries who helped low-income youth find high-tech jobs and inner-city achievers who were given powerful opportunities.

Socially conscious entrepreneurs want to give in a way that makes a lasting impact on society, and Allan Weis shows them how to balance that desire with smart corporate management.


Allan Weis is the founder and CEO of Advanced Network Solutions, a company that played an integral in creating a backbone for the internet. His company has and continues to achieve profitable growth, technological advances for the betterment of society, and provide education that bridges the socioeconomic divide.


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The 800-CEO-READ Business Book of the Year Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System—And Themselves by Andrew Ross Sorkin, Viking Books, 624 pages, $32. 95 Even though Too Big to Fail was written during the same year the financial collapse occurred, Andrew Ross Sorkin has written what we predict will be the definitive book on the subject. Sorkin not only tells a gripping “perfect storm” story—reporting the gory details as our 401k’s disappeared and our financial system became nationalized—but he humanizes the players as well, resulting in an imminently readable, albeit lengthy, book. Read more


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