The Caterpillar's Edge: Evolve, Evolve Again, and Thrive in Business

By Sid Mohasseb
The secret code to growing a successful business is adjusting your strategy every single day.

Business leaders, large and small, need to learn a new game with very different rules. They must accept an ever-changing and uncertain landscape, but a landscape that can be constantly leveraged for greater profitability. They must believe that their companies are caterpillars with the potential to become butterflies.

The Caterpillar's Edge shows why we must embrace a future of flux. It exposes the addictions that chain us to our past and the truths that influence our behaviors. And, it shows just how to seize breakthrough advantages by pushing through all the noise around "Big Data."

Within its DNA, the caterpillar aspires and pushes for more, and it gets just that, evolving gracefully from one entity into another, always building a competitive edge in the process.

Break free from accepted archaic business practices by cracking that secret code which demands evolving your business always.

"I was awed. Sid packed more wisdom addressed to CEOs or wannabes than I thought possible in one book. The book shoule be a bible for every tech-oriented manager. Every V.C. should require start-up leaders in their portfolios to read it. But it takes more than a single read to benefit from the book."--Martin Cooper, the Inventor of Cellphone
-The Caterpillar's Edge is an engaging book that puts innovation and speed of execution front and center, speaking directly to the entrepreneurs and executives of business affected by the increasing need to stay ahead of competition, to use the newest technologies, and to think creatively to gain advantage in a fast-evolving business environment. Author Sid Mohasseb proves himself a master educator, storyteller and predictor of the future for business enterprises of all types.---Dave Berkus, a Super Angel, Managing Partner of Kodiak Ventures, private equity investment fund and Chairman- Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels


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