The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red Carpet Customer Service

By Donna Cutting
"The Celebrity Experience" combines the best practices of the business world with those of the celebrity world to create a practical and proactive guide for anyone who wants to bring their business's internal and external customer service to the level of star treatment. Based on the unique ways celebrities are treated, the book shares techniques you can use to treat your customers to a red-carpet experience, guaranteeing repeat business and stellar word of mouth.


STAFF PICKS: Worth a Second (or Third Look)

Posted July 24, 2008, 2:36 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
Sometimes, we forget what books have been featured or talked about in the past few months. I came across some books that are worth a second look! One has been recommended by our Change This editor as a must read (Zenobia), another has been a Jack Covert Selects (Myself and Other More Important Matters), while the others I just felt the need to bring them back into the light and recognize them as invaluable resources for today's business environment. Read more

NEWS & OPINION: The Good Ol' Summertime

Posted June 11, 2008, 3:00 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
This is just a little reminder for me to tell you to take some time for yourself this summer. Everyone gets caught up in everyday living and we worry about everything all the time. This summer, promise to do something 'cool' for you. Read more

STAFF PICKS: The Celebirity Experience - Part II

Posted February 13, 2008, 5:08 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
For some reason, this morning I recalled something I read in Donna Cutting's The Celebrity Experience. In the beginning of the book she talked about assisted living and it struck a cord with me. One of my friends works in a place for senior citizens and they implemented some things that were brought up early on in The Celebrity Experience to make the residents feel more at home. Read more

STAFF PICKS: The Celebrity Experience

Posted January 29, 2008, 4:22 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
I went to one of my favorite places for lunch last week. It's simply called Soup's On, a great little spot to get, well. . Read more


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