CEO Material: How to Be a Leader in Any Organization

By D a Benton

Sooner or later that plum position is going to become vacant at your workplace. You know you ll want it, but can you get it? Ask yourself: What s my track record? Am I smart enough in the right areas? Do people like working with me? Do they respect me? Would they follow me if I were in charge?

Am I CEO material?

Any aspiring ladder-climber should be able to answer these questions because, without a doubt, the competition thinks it can.

In "CEO Material," D. A. Benton shows you how to become highly visible and absolutely indispensable to your organization. You ll learn how to project confidence, even when something hasn t gone your way. You ll recognize the value of being a generalist, able to comprehend every facet of your business s structure and function. You ll find out how to keep learning and growing so that you never feel stuck, much less appear so to decision makers. And most importantly, you ll master four C s that no true leader can be without: Confidence Constant Communication Craftsmanship Coworker Collaboration

Inside, you ll find a lifetime of top-level professional development advice that can make the difference. CEO Whisperer D. A. Benton is your guide to doing what must be done in order to make significant moves up the ladder. It s not just about showing up;it s about having integrity, taking charge, accepting challenges, and making an ally out of everyone you work with.

Conduct yourself like a CEO and you ll be first in line for each new promotion in your field. Transform yourself from an average employee to an indispensable corporate player with the help of "CEO Material.""


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