Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change That Sticks [With Access Code]

By Barbara A Trautlein
In the world of business, the ability to handle constant change makes the difference between success and failure. Today, executives, supervisors, and project managers have plenty of methodologies for managing change, yet the failure rate of major organizational change is still an abysmal 70 percent.
In this innovative guide, Barbara Trautlein argues that this is because our current approaches are inadequate when not used in tandem with a deep understanding of change intelligence, or CQ the skill set required to lead a team or company through vital transformations. Inside, she gives readers access to a proprietary, interactive CQ assessment that's based on substantial research and experience in working with hundreds of top organizations. And after readers learn their own change leader style, they go on to discover practical strategies for leveraging their strengths and shoring up their weak spots.
Trautlein, a leading authority on change leadership, keeps the theory light and delves into insightful case studies drawn from her decades of experience. Her example-based approach allows readers to plainly see how they can start driving real transformation not by adopting yet another new tool but by bolstering their own capacity for change leadership.

'"Change Intelligence" is well articulated, well-grounded, and well-presented work on change leadership. The framework of change leadership and intelligence based on head, heart and hands, and the different change leadership styles is a fascinating one. It is a major contribution to both theory as well as practice of change and leadership. It would be of use in diverse settings - both organizational as well as individual. The author motivates each of the styles with solid empirical examples, and develops them logically, coherently, and persuasively. The assessment tool that goes with this work will enhance the reach and the demand for this book. I have no hesitation is strongly endorsing this work." -Vipin Gupta, Ph.D., Professor of Professor and Co-director, Global Management Center, California State University at San Bernardino--Vipin Gupta, Ph.D., Professor of Professor and Co-director, Global Management Center, California State University at San Bernardino (05/14/2013)


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