Change the Way You Lead Change: Leadership Strategies That Really Work

By David M Herold, Donald B Fedor
Change is never a stepwise or easily prescribed process. Rather, it is messy and complicated, and its outcomes are easily swayed by a host of factors. In this context, leaders need to develop and utilize "realistic frameworks" for organizational change. They need to implement a holistic change model that defines and justifies the proposed change, and takes account of both the abilities of those who will be asked to lead and carry out the change, and the "context" in which the change is to occur.
To develop such a model, Herold and Fedor examined more than 300 changes and interviewed over 8,000 individuals who lived through them. They then reality-tested their model by bouncing their ideas off hundreds of managers who were living change on a day-to-day basis. Those ideas are collected in this practical book, which will be of use to anyone who is likely to lead change initiatives in almost any organizational environmentfrom executives, to consultants, to management students.


"This book presents a refreshingly realistic viewpoint of organizational changewhat it's like, what it takes, how many diverse players are involvedand argues that each change journey has the potential to be unique. What the book is really about is how most observers' mental models (or published models) of organizational change are overly simplistic. I could not agree more with its basic points."Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School"


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About the Paperback

Publisher Stanford University Press
Publish date 05/01/2010
Pages 155
ISBN-13 9780804771795
ISBN-10 0804771790
Language English

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