Change the Way You See Everything Through Asset-Based Thinking for Teens

By Kathryn D Cramer, PH.D., Hank Wasiak
From corporate coach Kathryn Cramer and marketing genius Hank Wasiak comes the first asset-based thinking (ABT) book for young adults that will change the way they see everything! This brilliant and simple book on the philosophy of ABT instills success-oriented habits in even the most stubborn teens. By focusing on the positive situations in life instead of the negative, teens will be able to not only set goals, but achieve them, too. Combining fun photography taken by kids with easy-to-grasp principles in an interactive format so that teens will begin to see relationships and responsibility in an entirely new way.

The first book on ABT was a groundbreaking concept that met with professional and business applause. The second title on ABT adapted the business concepts for one s own life. Now teens can take the same ABT philosophy and incorporate the concepts into their own lives. Not only is ABT perfect for the classroom, with additional activities and on-line sites created for student use with teacher guidance, but there is also an ABT Teen website where teens can use ABT tools to upload information and share their ideas with peers in a safe, encouraging environment."

http: // "["Change the Way You See Everything for Teens"] is a book all adolescents should have on hand ... an inspiring and motivating book that can help many visual learning adolescents, and even audio adolescents, live an all around happier life."


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Publisher Running Press Kids
Publish date 03/01/2009
Pages 191
ISBN-13 9780762433506
Language English