Chili Slow Cooker: 50 All Time Favorite Easy and Delicious Chili Slow Cooker Recipes

By Daniel Jones
Come and join us for an exciting culinary experience with the top 50 most delicious chili recipes. The recipes range from beef and lamb, to chicken and turkey, to pork and vegetarian. With such a wide variety of recipes, there is something for everyone. From mouth watering classics to more exotic creations, some recipes here, believe it or not, contain secret ingredients such as chocolate and even coffee that give a wonderful twist to the chili recipe and help enhance its flavors. Cooking chili using a slow cooker is ideal as it gives time for the aromatic flavors to enhance the meat. Oftentimes, many chilies are made 'on the go' not giving the spices enough time to work fully, it's a bit like cooking curry at home - it always tastes better the next day. This does not happen when you use the slow cooker, the recipe has many hours for the food to be infused with herbs, spices and seasoning. Most of the recipes featured in this book are cooked on a low setting in the slow cooker, giving you time to go to work or do the chores around the house. Of course, you can speed things up by cooking on high and reducing the time by half. The big plus is that these recipes have very low preparation times so you can literally prep in as little as twenty minutes, dump everything into the slow cooker and finish all the important things on your 'to do list'. SCROLL UP AND CLICK "BUY" TO ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY

Daniel Jones has edited the Modern Love column in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times since its inception in October 2004. His books include two essay anthologies, Modern Love and The Bastard on the Couch, and a novel, After Lucy, which was a finalist for the Barnes & Noble Discover Award. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Elle, Parade, Real Simple, Redbook, and elsewhere. He lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, with his wife, writer Cathi Hanauer, and their two children.


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