By Neil Smith, Nick Allott, Nicholas Allott
Noam Chomsky continues to be one of the most influential intellectual figures of modern times. His wide-ranging contributions to the fields of linguistics, psychology, philosophy and politics have revolutionised our view of language, the mind and human nature. Assuming no prior knowledge of linguistics, this book explores Chomsky's key theories, especially recent developments in his Minimalist Program, addressing issues such as: how do we know a language? How do children acquire this knowledge? How did language evolve? This third edition has been expanded and thoroughly updated and includes an exploration of Chomsky's contributions to philosophy and psychology, outlining the impact of his radical and often controversial views. It concludes with an account of his political activism and his critique of recent developments such as the Arab Spring, Wikileaks and the Occupy movement. There is also a new section covering his views on climate change and nuclear disarmament.

Neil Smith is Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography and Director of the Center for Place, Culture and Politics at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. His recent books include "Uneven Development "(1990) and "New Urban Frontier "(1996).

Nicholas Allot is Assistant Professor of English Language at the University of Oslo.

"This is the book about Noam Chomsky that you were looking for. Without presupposing any background, it takes the reader on a fascinating intellectual journey documenting the enormous contributions Chomsky has made to the history of ideas This book is carefully crafted and beautifully written. As far as books on popular science go, this is as masterpiece." Stephen Crain, Macquarie University and Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders"
" a clear, accurate and compelling introduction to Chomsky's work." Jan Terje Faarlund, University of Oslo"


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