The Circle Walkers

By Sir Cody Adam Hathaway, Cody Adam Hathaway
When a sadistic Shaman threatens to end Jackie's life through haunting nightmares, it becomes increasingly evident that something must be done. Jackie comes together with comrades Elowyn and Josiah and stumbles upon a hidden, parallel world that has existed since the birth of time itself: The Astral Plane. In this otherworldly realm, the three are not only faced with a cluster of challenging events, but are also presented with fascinating opportunities to explore this undiscovered plane while learning its secrets and its potential for power. However, heightened tension begins to fill the air when the lives of the Circle Walkers are put into jeopardy. An epic story unfolds as all walks of life begin to appear from every corner of the Earth, banding together to aid Jackie and rid the Astral plane of the evil Shaman. Even if Jackie succeeds in accomplishing such a feat, there's no guarantee that evil will cease to walk alongside them thereafter...


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Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish date 07/27/2015
Pages 246
ISBN-13 9781517303389
ISBN-10 1517303389
Language English