The Civility Solution: What to Do When People Are Rude

By P M Forni

Many of us find ourselves confronted with rudeness every day and don't know how to respond. From the intrusive cell-phone user who holds loud conversations in public to the hostile highway driver who cuts one off with a quick swerve of his car, politeness seems to be on a downward spiral, surprising us at every turn. P.M. Forni, the author of "Choosing Civility," has the answer. knows that rudeness begets rudeness and, in "The Civility Solution," he shows us what to do when confronted with bad behavior by being assertive as well as civil. In more than one hundred different situations, he shows us how to break the rudeness cycle by responding to a variety of confrontations from bullying to rude internet behavior or the hurtful words of an insensitive family member. How would you respond to the following?

A salesperson ignores your requests

A fellow driver gives you the infamous "finger"

Your child's playmate misbehaves

Your boss publicly reprimands you

P. M. Forni has solutions for all of these and many more. In yet another simple and practical handbook, P. M. Forni presents logical solutions that reinforce good behavior and make our world a more civil place.


"It is an honor to recommend this fabulous book! P.M. Forni's thoughtful discussion of the importance of civility in today's hectic world will surely help readers find viable solutions for dealing with a variety of rude situations."--Peggy Post, director of the Emily Post Institute and author of "Emily Post Etiquette, 17th Edition"

"Pier M. Forni will be remembered as one of the greatest generals in our nation's struggle for civility."--Smithsonian Magazine


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Publisher St. Martin's Press
Publish date 06/10/2008
Pages 166
ISBN-13 9780312368494
ISBN-10 0312368496
Language English

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