Clayton Stone, at Your Service

By Ena Jones

Clayton Stone s ordinary middle-school life gets turned upside down when he discovers that his grandmother is the head of the Special Service, a top-secret government organization specializing in undercover work. His family s diner turns out to be a cover for an extensive underground office filled with top-of-the-line gadgets and weapons. Clayton is stunned, and the real shock sets in when he learns that the Special Service wants to recruit him as a decoy in a kidnapping sting! It s exciting at first elaborate disguises and classified debriefings but there is real danger, too. The operation comes to a dramatic close as Clayton displays extraordinary courage in the name of duty, cementing his place in the Stone family s tradition of service.



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ISBN: 9780823433896

About the Hardcover

Publisher Holiday House
Publish date 07/20/2015
Pages 224
ISBN-13 9780823433896
ISBN-10 0823433897
Language English

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