The Code of the Executive: 40 7 Ancient Samurai Princs Esntl for 20 1st Century Leadership Success

By Don Schmincke
More than a thousand years ago, a group of business executives developed a set of principles for organizational leadership in a competitive market. Those executives were the samurai of ninth-century Japan, and their rigid code of ethics, known as bushido, was one of the most effective frameworks for management in history. The Code of the Executive is business adviser Don Schmincke's modern interpretation of the Code of the Samurai--ancient wisdom written for today's corporate warriors. These principles provide a dynamic system of practical and moral training for effective leadership. In addition to interactive strategies for relating to the business world, this philosophy provides at its core a guide to the inner development necessary for consistent and long-term success. A terrific gift for a friend, relative, new graduate, or business associate, The Code of the Executive is filled with relevant wisdom and offers an enlightened path to business fulfillment.


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Posted November 11, 2008, 7:42 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
High Altitude Leadership: What the World's Most Forbidding Peaks Teach Us About Success by Chris Warner and Don Schmincke, Jossey-Bass, 210 pages, $27. 95, Hardcover, October 2008, ISBN 9780470345030 Don Schmincke, author of The Code of the Executive, has once again put his unique experiences on paper. For his new book, his co-author is world-renowned mountaineer, Chris Warner. Read more


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