The Conscience Economy: How a Mass Movement for Good Is Great for Business

By Steven Overman
A generation of people around the world, from Boston to Bangkok, from New York to New Delhi, are making everyday choices in ways that defy traditional logic. They are judging where and how their clothes were made, not just how they fit. They are thinking global but buying local. They are spending their money and their time, forming loyalties, casting votes and even enjoying entertainment based increasingly upon their desire to make a positive impact on others and the world around them. This new generation believes they can and must make the world better, and they expect business and government to get with the program.
The implications of the Conscience Economy are not soft. Ignore it, and your consumer or voter base will rebel, using a host of free tools and cheap connectivity to spread their rejection to peers around the world in real time. Leverage it, and Conscience Culture is a wellspring of financial upside. "The Conscience Economy" is the must-read guide to this unprecedented shift in human motivation and behavior. Author Steven Overman, Chief Marketing Officer for Kodak, provides context, inspiration and some basic tools to help readers reframe how they evolve and grow whatever it is they leadwhether it s a community, a business, a product, or a marketing campaign. From the boardroom to the startup loft, from the State Department to the pulsing marketplaces of the developing world, "The Conscience Economy" will help international leaders, influencers, investors and decision-makers to manage, innovate and thrive in a new world where doing good matters as much as doing well.

"Brilliant! Overman's keen observation of emerging trends in technology, social awareness, and astute consumerism deconstructs the tired canard that business is pitted against its community, employees, or society. "The Conscience Economy" objectively builds an overwhelming case that a company's brand derives its relevance, power, and vulnerability from the sum of the firm's actions." -Jeff Clarke, CEO, Kodak "A compelling read, like a travelogue full of observations that invite us to experience profound changes happening across different cultures around the world. Our company mission is protecting and connecting people to the things that matter most, so Overman's connectivity points ring especially true for me. "The Conscience Economy" is full of provocative insights, fresh ideas, and practical advice for any business." -Jerri DeVard, Chief Marketing Officer, ADT Security "I love the energy of "The Conscience Economy" and the inevitable truths that Overman so masterfully weaves into every page. Overman takes us on a journey into the myriad of ways in which this growing awareness is already shaping our world and has the potential to create a new reality where every business conducts itself in a fundamentally different way. A must-read for everyone who is considering how they can steer themselves and their business towards a more sustainable and balanced world." -Alex Willcock, CEO, VisualDNA ""The Conscience Economy" makes a rich, compelling case for why it's no longer just enough to do well - if we want to succeed in life, we also have to do good. Whether you're motivated by conscience or profit, this book will show you how you can tap into the conscience economy to grow your business, create a positive impact in the world, and wake up smiling." -Nathalie Nahai, author, "Webs of Influence" "Steven Overman, in his unparalleled energetic style, introduces us to the rise of the Conscience Economy. Full of bold ideas and useful advice, The Conscience Economy is a provocative read suggesting that businesses and brands should stand out as 'emblem of all that the emergent culture holds dear.'" -Dominque Lauga, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Cambridge Judge School of Business


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