The Conservatarian Manifesto: Libertarians, Conservatives, and the Fight for the Right's Future

By Charles Cooke
A call to arms for the growing movement of Conservatarians members of the right who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal and a fascinating look at conservatism s past and future.
There is an underserved movement budding among conservatives, in which fiscal responsibility, constitutional obedience, and controlled government spending remain crucial tenets, but issues like gay marriage and drug control are approached with a libertarian bent.
In "The Conservatarian Manifesto, "Charles C.W. Cooke engages with the data and the philosophy behind this movement, applauding conservatarianism as a force that can help Republicans mend the many ills that have plagued their party in recent years. Conservatarians are vexed by Republicans failure to cut the size and scope of Washington D.C., but they are critical of some libertarians for their unacceptable positions on abortion, national defense, and immigration. They applaud conservatives efforts to protect Second Amendment rights efforts that have recently been wildly successful but they see the War on Drugs as an unmitigated disaster that goes against everything conservatives ought to value.
All movements run the risk of stagnation, and of losing touch with the principles and values that made them successful in the first place. In this book," "Charles Cooke shows the way back to a better and more honest conservatism that champions limited government, reality-based policy, and favor for the smallest minority of all: the individual."

Charles Cooke, now deceased, was a "New Yorker" reporter. During World War II he joined the Air Force. He then became the associate editor of "Esquire" and "Holiday". He was an avid amateur pianist.


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