Corporate Canaries: Avoid Business Disasters with a Coal Miner's Secrets

By Gary Sutton

When your business hits trouble, can you recognize the warning signs?

A century ago, coal miners brought canaries into the mines for danger warnings. At the first hint of poisonous methane gas, the little birds stopped chirping . . . and many miners were saved.

Your business faces invisible threats too. With equal doses of insight from Gary Sutton's experience as a hands-on, corporate turnaround CEO, and wisdom from his coal miner grandfather, this delightful volume helps you recognize trouble-before it's too late. In Corporate Canaries, Sutton reveals the five "canary warnings" that are a sure sign of trouble.

Sutton's successes are measured not in millions but in billions of dollars. He's breathed life into many flatlining organizations. The secret, he reveals, is recognizing the warning signs-and recognizing them early! Once you empower everyone in your organization to become a "canary watcher," the success can be limitless.

With the wit of a storyteller and the credibility of a Wall Street hero, Gary Sutton spins that rare breed of business book: the kind you won't want to put down.


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About the Hardcover

Publisher Nelson Business
Publish date 10/01/2005
Pages 140
ISBN-13 9780785212997
Language English