Creating Customer Evangelists: Profit from Turning Loyal Customers Into a Volunteer Sales Force

By Ben Mc Connell, Jackie Huba (Joint author)
For the first time in paperback, a revised edition of the book that launched the term "customer evangelism" and inspired the creation of an industry. Updated with new statistics and figures, this landmark book has shown countless companies how to harness the power of evangelism marketing and increase customer loyalty, sales, and profitability.

When customers are truly thrilled about their experience with a product or service, they become outspoken "evangelists" for a company. For most businesses, customers are loyal to people, not brands. Creating a culture of not only loyalty but belief is the formula for creating authentic and powerful word of mouth.

By researching companies with dedicated groups of outspoken, buss-spreading evangelists, authors Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba distill the formulas of the successful companies into the six tenets of customer evangelism. "Creating Customer Evangelists" explains why many traditional loyalty programs fail and how organic word-of-mouth programs often create communities of influencers who accelerate a company's success.

"Creating Customer Evangelists" is the bible for any business hoping to convert good customers into exceptional ones who willingly spread the word.


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