Day Unto Day

By Martha Collins
Martha Collins offers haunting reflections on time and other subjects in Day unto Day, a spare and subtle seventh collection. The book consists of six sequences: during one month each year, for six years, Collins wrote a short poem each day. With perfectly distilled lines, she captures the aching, liminal beauty of one day becoming another -- the slow burn of time passing, the ambiguity of an "old / new leaf" turning over, even as she collages a wide range of material that includes often disturbing news of the world. Writing in the tradition of poetic meditation, Collins shows us the full degree of her mastery -- a mature voice, poems with tremendous scope, and lines exceptionally controlled. Here is the work of a seasoned poet at the height of her career.

Advance Praise for "Day Unto Day" "The themes here of love, parents' dyings and deaths, a beloved's illness, our seasons, and our wars, sometimes break into lyric notes to the narrative. Notes perhaps of the subconscious, sometimes suggestive, sometimes unsolvable. Not meant maybe to be solved. Which in this poet's hands fit the subject of mortality: notes like little lights which sometimes sound like prayer." --Jean Valentine Praise for Martha Collins "A dazzling poet whose work is poised at the juncture between lyric and ethics, Martha Collins has addressed some of the most traumatic social issues of the 20th supple and complex poems. Those who have followed Collins's books have long since realized that no subject is off-limits for her piercing intellect. " --Cynthia Hogue, "AWP Chronicle" "In the very aptly-titled "Some Things Words Can Do"...the flesh forms an ever-shifting field whose erosion reveals what, for Collins, has always been the case: that language itself is both the most animate and the most trustworthy familiar we are likely to find. While verbal play, characteristically, figures in these poems...what Collins finally suggests here is dead-serious: what words must be made to do, finally, is bring us back to ourselves." --Carl Phillips


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Publisher Milkweed Editions
Publish date 03/18/2014
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ISBN-13 9781571314529
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