Defusing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

By Geoffrey T Colvin

The ultimate guide to handling problem behavior "in the heat of the moment"!

When disruptive behavior occurs, your first response can determine how quickly the situation is resolved. Colvin offers teachers seven key behavioral principles and a range of research-based approaches for immediately defusing disruptive situations, avoiding escalation, and correcting behaviors. This resource features:

  • Strategies that target specific behaviors, including off-task behavior, rule violations, disrespect, agitation, noncompliance, and threats and intimidation
  • Common classroom scenarios and solutions for K-12 general and special education teachers
  • Checklists and action plans for applying the strategies while maintaining the flow of instruction

"Geoff Colvin provides teachers a set of very useful, clear, and sensible tools to manage the behavior of a very important, often-overlooked contributor to their classroom environment: themselves. His strategies are a welcome booster shot for veteran teachers and a great foundation for new teachers just learning the intricacies of balancing instruction and environment in their classrooms. Colvin's research-based ideas are already finding their way into my daily routine."-- (02/04/2010)

  • 9781412980562
  • 9781412980562

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Publisher Corwin Publishers
Publish date 06/14/2010
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ISBN-13 9781412980562
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