Design Your Life: How to Create a Meaningful Life, Advance Your Career and Live Your Dreams

By Cornelia Shipley
It really is possible to live a life of YOUR design! To craft a career that empowers you to your unique definition of success and fulfillment! To truly live out your dreams - daily, rather than waiting for "some day." In Design Your Life: How to Create a Meaningful Live, Advance Your Career and Live Your Dreams, Cornelia Shipley gives you the exact tools and formula to do just that! Cornelia's message is simple: You can be the architect of your own existence. In this book, you will learn the tools and processes she uses to guide her private clients to finally make the shifts in their life that leave them feeling successful, happy, fulfilled, and in charge of their future. You will learn: - How to define and build your strongest foundation - allowing you ACT from confidence - How to create your Personal Brand - establishing what you stand for & what others can expect from you - How to define your Personal Operating Principles - allowing you to make powerful choices of what's exactly right for you - How to create your Personal Definition of Success - ensuring that the results you achieve are the results YOU want, not what another might want for you - How to establish your Personal Reward System - ensuring that you stay motivated along the journey - How to develop your Success Mindset - giving you the power of your own thinking to propel you forward to your designed life. Along the way, you'll find "Designed Action" exercises that easily guide you toward designing your future. This is a discovery process that you will not only enjoy, but that have a positive impact on your life and future like no other! Whether you desire to move up the corporate ladder, find a new creative outlet, or simply learn to love the journey, Your Life: How to Create a Meaningful Live, Advance Your Career and Live Your Dreams provides a clear and infinitely practical program that will allow you live on purpose, with passion and powerful intentions for everything that matters most to you.



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Publish date 04/16/2014
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