Designing Your Ideal Life: Create Your Blueprint for Success and Happiness

By Becky Lynn Smith
Creating a happy life is not a destination, but a process. It starts with the desire to intentionally create a life of purpose - a life in which we choose to make a difference in the world. You would never start out to build a house without consulting an architect to create a blueprint plan. Why is it, then, that most people start out without a definite plan for their life? The information in this book will provide a blueprint for you to use to honestly reflect on where you are today and to chart a course for where you want to be. You deserve to live your ideal life. "The principles in this book are tried and true! This is a very easy read, and when this information is applied to one's life, greatness will surely follow!" - Logan Stout, Founder and CEO, IDLife "As a CEO, I know firsthand the value of having the right person in the right place doing something they love-that ONE THING they were meant to do. Becky Lynn Smith's book, Designing Your Ideal Life will help you do just that. Grab a copy, pay close attention, and you'll absolutely love what happens next!" - Steve Satterwhite, CEO of Entelligence and author of Above The Line: How The Golden Rule Rules the Bottom Line "Becky Lynn Smith nails it! If you feel that gnawing feeling that you could do something really special, go for it. But, you'll need a guidebook and encouragement. Thankfully, Designing Your Ideal Life is both." - Alex Charfen, CEO of The Charfen Institute Author and Speaker Becky Lynn Smith found her calling, and she wants to help you find yours. After working as an IT executive and leader for several world-class organizations including Exxon, Amoco, and AIM, she discovered what success really meant for her. Designing Your Ideal Life shares what she has learned about how to arrive at the place you were always meant to be and have the life you were meant to live. For more information, please visit to pick up a copy of the companion workbook.


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