Destination Unstoppable

By Maureen Electa Monte
In early 2015, I had the opportunity to bring my approach to the Cranbrook-Kingswood Boy's Varsity Hockey Team. They were talented but struggling and did not play like a cohesive unit. We ignited and harvested their competitive spirit, while at the same time, built a trust bank to deepen their commitment and connection to one another. They became unstoppable because they felt unstoppable. This story, chock full of leadership lessons, serves as a model for leading, accelerating, and fully harnessing the talent on a team. What does a former NFL player say about this book? ""History is littered with gifted individuals and teams that failed to reach their full potential. You must invest in a player's strengths and the strengths of the collective to build a championship team. This book will teach you to discover the untapped talent on your team, and harness it to reach your Destination Unstoppable"" - Ryan Diem, Super Bowl XLI Champion, Indianapolis Colts '01-'11


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