Developing World Class Leaders: The Ultimate Guide to Leadership Development

By Rick Tiemann

Developing World Class Leaders explores why the vast majority of leadership programs fail to deliver satisfactory results and what can be done to create a world class leadership development program. It explores 12 fundamental elements of why most programs fail and the guiding principles and strategies to maximize the program's success. The book is intended to be a step-by-step guide and resource for experienced business leaders to gain an in-depth understanding of the steps necessary for success. Newcomers can read cover-to-cover and explore the scope, purpose, methods, and possibilities that go into a successful program. They will find everything they need to get started and grow their leadership development program. Experienced leaders will appreciate the chapters as they challenge the reader to think about the depth of what is required to sustain results, from the complex nature of the work, essential skills and ways to enhance them, models for understanding the organizational terrain, ways to anticipate the challenges and avoid the pitfalls, and strategies to sustain a world class leadership development program.


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ISBN: 9780990534907

About the Paperback

Publisher Richard K. Tiemann
Publish date 03/02/2016
Pages 288
ISBN-13 9780990534907
ISBN-10 0990534901
Language English

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