Did God Create the Internet?: The Impact of Technology on Humanity

By Scott Klososky
Technology includes an incredibly powerful set of tools that surround our lives. We are chained to our devices, connected permanently through the Internet, and depend on a variety of software applications to manage our days. The power these tools give us would seem magical if shown to people just thirty years ago. The integration of digital tools into our lives most certainly changes us. The seminal question is whether we will ultimately be happy with the changes technology introduces. The impact as we integrate humanity and technology will reverberate for hundreds of years; whether it will propel us forward or cripple us as a species remains to be seen. We now stand on the precipice of the digital transformation with the outcome unknown. We do have influence on the outcome, but we can only guide it in ways that benefit humanity the most if we understand the consequences of augmenting our lives with technology.


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