The Digital Marketing Divide: Reconciling Data-Driven and Creative Marketing Styles

By Ericka Wilcher
Strike the ideal balance between art and analytics with strategies for the modern marketing paradigm

The Digital Marketing Divide sparks a discussion on the value of marketing decisions made from a place of balance between art and science. With a deep dive into the movement toward analytics, this book tests the assumption that marketing is moving toward data-based decisions -- but also questions how to get there. You'll peek inside the trend to see what happens within marketing teams as analytics gains momentum, and learn which skills will only become more and more critical. The discussion is based on survey data and qualitative interviews, but goes beyond theory to suggest strategies for finding a middle ground between artistic and analytic disciplines, and provides suggestions for slowing down and taking more intentional approach to marketing metrics. You'll learn how to identify the relationships between analytics, technology, and creativity, and how to manage each to create a strategic plan for the future.

Plenty of books justify analytical marketing, but few examine the hallmark struggles that mark the journey toward true implementation. Tools and technology are important, but people and their behaviors are critical to the change. This book describes a proactive approach that helps you formulate the ideal strategy for your team and your brand.

  • Learn why true analytical marketing is currently more goal than reality
  • Discover which marketing skills are becoming increasingly critical
  • Find your ideal balance between analytical and creative marketing
  • Approach metrics more deliberately without losing the artistic perspective

For many, the attraction of marketing is that it accommodates certain creative freedom while remaining grounded in solid business acumen. The increasing tilt toward analytics is changing the face of the industry, and The Digital Marketing Divide gives you a roadmap for a smoother journey.


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