Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime, and Terrorism

By Louise Shelley
The entangled threat of crime, corruption, and terrorism now deserves high-level-policy attention because of its growth trajectory. Using lively case studies, this book analyzes the transformation of crime and terrorism and the business logic of terrorism. Louise I. Shelley concludes that corruption, crime, and terrorism will remain important security challenges in the twenty-first century as a result of economic and demographic inequalities in the world, the rise of ethnic and sectarian violence, climate change, the growth of technology, and the failure of nineteenth- and twentieth-century institutions to respond to these challenges when they emerged.

"Through examples, current and past, Louise Shelley provides a much needed understanding of the relationship among crime, corruption and terrorism, especially the sophistication of non-state actors and terrorists as they operate globally, exploiting technology and global systems. She demonstrates the diverse and damaging impacts to health, poverty, inequality and the planet s sustainability, as well as the perpetuation of social destabilization and conflicts. The importance of strong law enforcement, state institutions, and transparent financial institutions in pre- and post-conflict state building becomes apparent to prevent and address this devastating situation. This exceptional book is a must-read for policy makers, public and business leaders, members of the justice system, and university professors and students in most disciplines." Huguette Labelle, Chair, Transparency International"


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Publisher Cambridge University Press
Publish date 01/16/2015
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