Do More Great Work: Stop the Busywork, and Start the Work That Matters.

By Michael Bungay Stanier, Michael Bungay Stanier
You work hard. You put in the hours. Yet you feel like you are constantly treading water with "Good Work" that keeps you going but never quite moves you ahead. Or worse, you are mired in "Bad Work"--endless meetings and energy-draining bureaucratic traps.

Do More Great Work gets to the heart of the problem: Even the best performers are spending less than a fraction of their time doing "Great Work"--the kind of innovative work that pushes us forward, stretches our creativity, and truly satisfies us. Michael Bungay Stanier, Canadian Coach of the Year in 2006, is a business consultant who's found a way to move us away from bad work (and even good work), and toward more time spent doing great work.

When you're up to your eyeballs answering e-mail, returning phone calls, attending meetings and scrambling to get that project done, you can turn to this inspirational, motivating, and at times playful book for invaluable guidance. In fifteen exercises, Do More Great Work shows how you can finally do more of the work that engages and challenges you, that has a real impact, that plays to your strengths--and that matters.

The exercises are "maps"--brilliantly simple visual tools that help you find, start and sustain Great Work, revealing how to:

  • Find clues to your own Great Work--they're all around you
  • Locate the sweet spot between what you want to do and what your organization wants you to do
  • Generate new ideas and possibilities quickly
  • Best manage your overwhelming workload
  • Double the likelihood that you'll do what you want to do
All it takes is ten minutes a day, a pencil and a willingness to change. Do More Great Work will not only help you identify what the Great Work of your life is, it will tell you how to do it.


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NEWS & OPINION: Do More Great Work

Posted March 5, 2010, 5:07 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
I met author Michael Bungay Stanier at last year's ASTD conference in Washington, DC. My plane had just landed, I had a mere hour or two of sleep, and was on cold medicine. The bustle of the training conference quickly woke me up, and meeting Michael was a great dose of reality. Read more

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For the past couple of years, I've done something here called the Author Blog. Some of you might be familiar with it, but others not so much. The solution to that is that I'm now going to bring some of the best of these posts to our main blog, starting with this new post. Read more



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