Drama-Free Office: A Guide to Healthy Collaboration with Your Team, Coworkers, and Boss

By Kaley Klemp, Jim Warner
In The Drama-Free Office, authors Jim Warner and Kaley Klemp interweave humorous and relatable case studies with the three key skills you'll need for managing office saboteurs--be they subordinates, coworkers, or the boss. You will see your coworkers (and yourself) in this entertaining and practical blueprint for addressing the dramatic behaviors that cripple so many teams.

The authors' research draws on years of experience working with more than 2,500 CEOs and their executive teams. They define the four major drama roles--the Complainer, the Cynic, the Controller, and the Caretaker--found in most organizations and lay out a detailed roadmap to help you:

- Skillfully initiate difficult conversations and defuse dramatic moments

- Reclaim the time, energy, and resources wasted in drama-riddled meetings and interactions

- Reduce your own dramatic tendencies and take control of your work life

- Create and sustain a collaborative, authentic, and fun work environment


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