The Duke of Wellington: History That Changed the World

By Chris Pope

"The Duke of Wellington is the England's most famous military leader and politician. From the very first moment emotions and history are brought to live."

The Duke of Wellington is a collection of historical events brought into modern times. Many illustrations are included in the different chapters. Specifically, selected illustrations that are deemed important to the his-tory of the Duke of Wellington are added as two-pagers at the Appendix section at the end of the book.

The object of this work is to outline the history with great clarity as possible and with significant details in the history of the Duke of Wellington. The "Duke of Wellington" presents an effective way to spark the interest of his story. It is anticipated that the "Duke of Wellington" will be helpful to the student as well as readers interested in the man as a historical figure. This volume provides plenty of personal details, a wealth of dramatic incident, as well as a massive amount of details to indulge the view of history.

This volume should not be ignored, the details and the chapers full of facts transport the reader into the time and get in touch with the Duke of Wellington who made England great.

"The Duke of Wellington and Napoleon were rivals in life and in death. The two were the supreme commanders of their age; how much do you know about the influence that the Duke of Wellington had on the path of history?"

It seems like that in 1814, after twenty-five years of war in Europe, it was finally coming to an end. The surrender of Emperor Napoleon ended up with his banishment to the small island of Elba.

Soon after. The European supremacies started to reinstate their countries totality and Europe progressed to normality and peace.

However, Napoleon escaped from Elba in March 1815 and landed in France. The Duke of Wellington and the European allies had to reunite their armies and arrange to recommence war to defeat the Emperor yet once again. Napoleon and Duke of Wellington, whose soldiers fought against one each other meet for their ending battle at Waterloo.

The "Duke of Wellington" is a complete biography and covers the life of the Iron Duke from 1769 until 1852.

Praise for Duke of Wellington "An impressive scaled renewed biography . . . Pope's vividly transfer the pure vitality and statue of the Duke of Wellington, the savior of Europe and military genius, through fact and activism, sized up to the readers. . . . His vitality shows through in Pope's chapters on the battles of India, Spain, Europe and Waterloo, turning military conflicts into significant visionary moments." -bookforces Book Review


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