Dynamic Communication: 27 Strategies to Grow, Lead, and Manage Your Business

By Jill Schiefelbein
When Good Communication Skills Aren't Enough

Telling the story of your business is about more than writing grammatically correct proposals and emails or speaking to investors without using "ums" and "uhs." To get your message across, you have to fi nd a dynamic way to reach your vast audience of stakeholders, consumers, and competitors. Business communication expert Jill Schiefelbein shows you how, delivering an education on how to build a communication-savvy business that retains employees, secures investors, and increases your bottom line.

Taking a page from the playbooks of 27 successful companies, entrepreneurs, and brands like Southwest Airlines, the Truth Initiative, Avocados from Mexico, Convince & Convert's Jay Baer, and primetime television host and speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett, you'll learn how to:

  • Apply the four-stage listening matrix to drive your audience to action
  • Use sales call outlines that facilitate buy-in to avoid death by sales script
  • Create value-filled, magnetic marketing that educates and attracts buyers
  • Add value to your products and services with videos and webinars
  • Develop persuasive presentations with the TEMPTaction model

    So grab a highlighter, get a pen, or sharpen a pencil and start crafting your communication strategy today.

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