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Dynasties of the Sea: The Shipowners and Financiers Who Expanded the Era of Free Trade

By Lori Ann Larocco, Lori Ann La Rocco
The first person histories of those who led the explosion of world trade which propelled half a world out of poverty. The industry and ships, which power and feed nations in the words of those who met the global challenges, built and financed the ships and literally helped shape the future. Shipowners from around the world discuss, what drove them and their businesses, what grand passions and ambitions fueled their innovation. What skills defined their leadership and their dogged determination to be the engine which carries the goods that opened once closed and backward markets. The pioneers behind the great behemoths which ply the seas carrying the raw materials from Australia, Brazil, oil from the Middle East and Africa to China, Europe, the United States and the finished goods in every electronics store, grocery and clothing mall around the world. 94% of all the world's goods travel by sea, read the stories of those who have built and control this fantastic 21st century industry.



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Publisher Marine Money, Inc.
Publish date 11/12/2012
Pages 290
ISBN-13 9780983716334
ISBN-10 0983716331
Language English