The Elephant in the Room: How Relationships Make or Break the Success of Leaders and Organizations

By Diana Mc Lain Smith
A systematic look at how relationships determine the success of leaders and their enterprises, along with tools to help strengthen and change them

Since time immemorial, relationships have determined the fate of leaders. But today they are more critical to success than ever. No longer can leaders count on long time horizons or sloppy competition to make up for the inefficiencies that poor relationships create. Leaders must make decisions and take actions quickly and well with others, even those with whom they share very little?perhaps not even a time zone. This new world puts relationships at the center of what leaders must understand and master to succeed. Uses in-depth observational studies and clinical research to explore how relationships at the top of organizations work, develop, and change Shows how to understand, strengthen, and transform these relationships, so they can withstand the most intense pressures and conflicts

This important book features a Foreword by Peter Senge, author of "The Fifth Discipline."


NEWS & OPINION: The Elephant in the Room

Posted March 1, 2012, 9:15 PM with category of Management & Workplace Culture
For some, relationships are easy to talk about. For others, that discussion is avoided, either out of fear, ego, or the perception that it's just not a topic to verbalize. So, even talking about them can be complicated, and being active within them, even more so. Read more


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