Energy Investments: An Adaptive Approach to Profiting from Uncertainties (2017)

By Ricardo G Barcelona

This book examines what lies behind the uncertainties surrounding the fuel and power markets. Exploring the role of renewables and how they potentially disrupt or create opportunities, it challenges widely accepted wisdoms in investment. The author asks questions such as: Are "business as usual" strategies that favour fossil fuels the best route to future prosperity? What prospects do firms face when their competitors diversify into renewables? Why do generous subsidies to renewables often fail to achieve wide-scale deployment? Illustrating how real options and option games reasoning yield vastly different insights from those gained from NPVs, Energy Investments offers case studies and simulations to demonstrate how firms can benefit from the methods it showcases.


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Publisher Palgrave MacMillan
Publish date 11/24/2017
Pages 496
ISBN-13 9781137591388
ISBN-10 1137591382
Language English