Entrepreneur Voices on Company Culture

By Inc The Staff of Entrepreneur Media
No longer just a buzz term, company culture has gone from something employees would like to have to something they must have. Studies show that companies who invest in their culture can see a performance increase of 20-30 percentmaking it hard to overlook things like a strong and positive vision, values and beliefs that impact both employee happiness and their bottom line. With this culture-focused edition of the Entrepreneur Voices series, the staff of Entrepreneur provides an exclusive compilation of editorial articles, advice from entrepreneurs, and reflections and various culture styles, insights and tactics. From defining your company culture to learning how to motivate your team to reach your company's vision, this composition dissects the skills and strategies necessary to develop your company's culture at every level.

★★★★★ This book compiles some of the best articles from Entrepreneur magazine about company culture. It was an insightful read and I learned a lot about the importance of company culture in shaping the way things are being achieved in different companies. I learned that there is no single right culture. One culture may not be suitable to one company while the same kind of culture is what needed most for another. --Greg Hawod



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